How To Overcome Immigration Processing Related Issues

Immigration law applies to those who are not a resident of a particular country but want to settle in that country especially as a permanent resident or naturalized citizen or to take up employment. 
The Immigration law firm helps and guides them in legal matters such as deportation, green cards, citizenship and employment for non-citizens. They act as a mediator between immigration authorities and those clients.
Following are certain instances where hiring an immigration lawyer becomes a necessity:
1.When an applicant is seeking a visa for employment but the employer is not assisting.
2.When the applicant was charged with some allegations.
3.When immigration application is denied by authorities previously.
4.Recently divorced or marriage termination by any cause.
Apart from this, everyone wants their immigration procedure to get completed as quickly as possible.
Doing all the procedures on our own is not only time consuming but increases the risk of rejection as well. Therefore, to make …

Tips to Choose a Divorce Lawyer

Now that you and your partner have made the arduous decision to get divorced, you have to set about the task of getting a right lawyer.
Unfortunately, it is not something that you can settle with just a simple Google search.
Before settling on a divorce lawyer to supervise your proceedings, you have to make sure you haven’t left any single stone unturned.
If you are seeking divorce settlement solicitors then this guide is of great help! So, without any further ado, let’s get started!
1.Decide what sort of legal advice you needAnyone who is going through a divorce needs legal advice (atleast in my genuine opinion).The lawyer will approach your divorce case with a best possible remedy. People should consult more than the one divorce lawyers before finalising who to retain.
2.Understands what you want to get from the divorce  Before you reach out to hire Divorce lawyers london, consider other alternatives too. You could also appoint a mediator to assist you to negotiate the terms of your divorc…

How to Become a British Citizen? Things you need to know

To become a British citizen you must adhere to several obligatory documents affix by the British nationality law. By obtaining British citizenship you will receive British passport and exercise the similar rights and obligations as the naturalized British citizen.

If you want to become a British citizen you can seek help from immigration law firm.

This guide highlights all of the important points and steps to keep in mind as you undertake the process of acquiring your British citizenship.

Yes, a good immigration law firm can make the process hassle- free for you.

Who Can Become a British Citizen?
There are a few categories and conditions to obtain) British citizenship.

Below listed are the ways when you can apply to become a UK citizen.

By NaturalizationBy being born in the UKBy British Family TiesBy previous UK CitizenshipStateless StatusBy commonwealth origin Individuals of Wind rush generation enabling for British Citizenship Finally, you must have never been broken British immigra…

Some Important Tips To Find Immigration Lawyers in London

Things to Consider Before Choosing a Divorce Lawyer in UK

While going through divorce selecting a good lawyer is one of the most important things. Choosing the best lawyer is utmost important as your life is at stake. Approach, beliefs and the way of conducting business is different with every lawyer. Best divorce lawyers London are one who will give you the ideal advice according to your situation and at affordable prices.
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A complete 10 years (2008 - 2018) statistics of Migration Vs Emigration in UK visually represented by Cranbrook Solicitors.

For More details Check this Infographic:-

Want to Check All Statistics About the UK Migration then check this Infographic :-

What is the Role of an Immigration Solicitor The role of an immigration solicitor is quite different from other types of lawyers. Immigration…

5 Things to Know About an Immigration Lawyer

Want to make a long-term career as an immigration lawyer? Keep scrolling to know 5 important things you must know before considering it as a career.
Who can be interested in immigration law? Do you like to interact with people from different cultures and from various parts of the world? Do you feel excited with a thought of working on human rights? Do you have interest towards criminal, constitutional, civil rights, family, education, entertainment, compliance, business or sports law? Would you like to be a litigate in federal law or transactional lawyer?
If you nodded in yes to any of the above, you will likely be benefited by undertaking immigration law as a career because it will require you to represent the individuals facing immigration issues.

How to find a immigration Lawyers in London read this article:- What’s the role of immigration lawyers? Immigration lawyers help individuals in navigating often complex and various immigrati…

How To Take Citizenship Test For The UK And Get A British Passport

If you have been living in the UK and wish to settle permanently then you may apply for the permanent residency which is also known as UK indefinite leave to remain, then you’ll have the chance to apply for citizenship in the UK. Qualified immigration lawyers London can guide you best with the procedure.
Individuals from overseas can apply for UK indefinite leave to remain after completing 5 years of lawful residence in the UK in most cases, though some can even apply sooner. Requirements and circumstances vary depending on the country you origin from, whether you have any family members in the UK and on what visa you arrived in the UK. The residence process is quite easier for EU citizens and EFTA (European Free Trade Association) countries like Liechtenstein, Switzerland, Norway and Iceland. However the circumstances will change this year as UK is due to leave the EU following the Brexit vote 2016.
Who is eligible to apply for permanent resident and citizenship of the UK?
As UK is stil…

How to Claim Asylum in The UK

Asylum is a complex area of law which in today’s times is causing debates not only across the country but around the world.  This Article aims to help those who are thinking about claiming Asylum in the UK but are unsure as to what steps they need to take in order to process their claim.

What is Asylum?
Asylum is where the State (the UK for the purposes of this Article) protects a foreign national who has fled their home country because they fear for their life if they are forced to return there.  In law, this is covered by the 1951 Geneva Convention which sets out the basis for claiming Asylum, the rights of the Applicant and the responsibilities of the State.  
Under the 1951 Geneva Convention, a Refugee is defined "as a person who owing to a well-founded fear of being persecuted for reasons of race, religion, nationality, membership of a particular social group or political opinion, is outside the country of his Nationality and is unable or, owing to such fear, is unwilling to av…